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Lovelyne started the QiiQ Programme which includes the Glenn Doman Suite at 6 months, and the MoveiQ Centre Programme (previously called GymnAdemics) at 9 months. At 16 months now, she is able to independently recognise words and pictures well and confidently. She has developed a keen quest to learn about everything around her.  She is always asking “What’s that?” and “Why?” For her, learning is fun and enjoyable with my husband and me.

We play a lot of “bonding game” using the Glenn Doman Suite at home.  The programme is rich and easy to apply everyday and I believe it helps to stimulate my child’s brain and providing her an enriched environment to learn anything.  We make this learning process much so a family affair although both of us are full-time working parents, like most other parents.

The staff at QiiQ are very friendly and supportive. They are passionate about the things that they do and are happy to share topics on child brain development. The environment at the centre is also bright, colourful and inviting.  Lovelyne enjoys every session of her Gleaming Joy Programme and she looks forward to attending her classes every Saturday.

Marilyn Hay, mother of Lovelyne, 16 months

I started QiiQ Programme, and GymnAdemics (now named MoveiQ) when my boy was 10 months old. With Patricia and the centre coaches’ guidance, the QiiQ Programme is easy and fun. I was surprised that he started to talk at 12 months and recognise words and numbers. He even initiated to read books on his own.

QiiQ has definitely given the best foundation for my boy. We love classes with them at the Centre too. We just found the perfect place for us to grow and learning together!

Pearleen Lui, mother of Aldrick, 15 months

We have been with the QiiQ Programme and Gymnademics (now named MoveiQ Centre) for 4 months now.

Bastien has definitely benefited from the QiiQ Programme, as he was creeping before at 14 months when we first joined, and now walking confidently at 18 months. The activities done has also helped with his self-feeding, hand and eye coordination, etc. just to name a few.

We started with the Glenn Doman Suite.  Recently, he started on the Encyclopedic Knowledge and is absolutely focused on it. It cultivates his patience as there are more content now and he takes a growing interest to learn about new things. This is what we really hope for – for him to be interested and enthusiastic about learning on his own.

Serene Tan, mother of Bastien, 18 months

We are first time parents, and we believe in unleashing the potential of our child, even when the foetus is still in our womb.

We came across the Glenn Doman Suite and were in fact amazed by how the GD babies can be so well developed. The programme provide us with a good understanding on how the baby’s brain develops and we parents can play an active role to help him excel.

Besides doing the Glenn Doman Suite at home, we also join GymnAdemics Programme (now named MoveiQ) at the Centre.  The team is an amazing partner in reinforcing the importance of providing the opportunity to babies that will stimulate the brain neurons to grow.

Since birth we started the basic Newborn Programme; 4 months onwards we began the full suite. Both myself and my husband are also involved in the teaching. We enjoyed a lot as a partnership between the child and us.

In fact, doing the programme at home not only educate us to be a good teachers to our child, but also gentle ways to care for them.  We learnt why we would need to do things in a certain way, and also how the child would react when we follow the professional advice closely. It is a holistic approach and a love journey as the Centre strongly advocates.

We hear many parents say the attention span of their child is short; they are stubborn, active and challenging one to manage. I would say it is entirely different in our household.  Now our son is 26 months old, and we are beginning to experience the fruits that we have planted so far. He is a focused, attentive and well-behaved child. He loves reading and learning. He can sit and read a book for about half an hour long and would always ask us to read with him.

He is bilingual and can speak in both languages at the early age of 18 months, with proper sentence structure.  Since then, there is very minimal issue in communicating with him. And he can follow, listen and understand the reasoning behind our explanations. It especially helps us parents to juggle and help him to build up his emotional quotient to better understand the world.

We appreciate how the programme has made our parenting journey an easier one.

Siew Wern, mother of a 26 month-old boy