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MoveiQ Centre

MoveiQ Centre (previously named GymnAdemics) is designed to supplement the QiiQ Programme. Our Centre provides a safe and nurturing space that mimics a home-like environment where parents and children actively participate in the activities.

Physical excellence leads to intellectual excellence!  These must be in balance with the social growth of the child.  MoveiQ Centre provides a holistic programme that incorporates physical activities that will build the body strength, coordination and fine motor skills of your child.  Children will also get to enjoy stories, poems, dance and songs.  The programme will excite your child to move and learn.

All sessions are parent-accompanied; and each session is 60 mins.  Your child will develop increasing sophisticated skills as he grows throughout the stages in MoveiQ Centre.  Each programme is designed based on the abilities of your child.

“The process of education begins at 6 years old.  The process of learning begins at birth.”  – Glenn Doman

A set of unique curriculum is designed to match each development stage of your child:

Twinkling Joy (4 months to 12 months)

The Twinkling Joy programme is designed to develop and accelerate your baby’s sensory and motor pathways. The first year of life is a critical time because this is the time where the brain is growing explosively. A healthy brain development during this period develops language and early literacy skills, and builds social and emotional intelligence starting from birth.

The sensory pathway is developed by stimulating your baby’s visual, auditory and tactile senses while the motor pathway is essential in preparing your baby for more sophisticated activities that will strengthen your baby’s respiratory system. The programme provides the stimulation to engage a baby to crawl, creep, cruise and finally to walking cross pattern with confidence. The grasp reflex is important to reinforce and strengthen your baby’s manual abilities. Parents will also learn a series of balancing activities to do with babies in order to grow the baby’s vestibular control system.

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Gleaming Joy (13 months to 24 months)

The Gleaming Joy programme is designed to develop and accelerate your toddler’s sensory and motor pathways to achieve intellectual and physical excellence. This programme builds your child’s self-confidence and self-reliance as he prepares to enter the “Terrific Two”.

Activities to develop the motor pathway of your toddler include balancing exercises to prepare your baby for future dynamic activities. This grows and strengthens your toddler’s ability to balance. Your toddler will also enjoy the session with singing and appreciation of meaningful sounds, and the ability to link these sound with their sources, be it voice instructions, animal or environmental sounds. Fine motor skills are further developed through the arts and crafts sessions. He will have fun in creating of his own masterpieces.

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Sparkling Joy (25 months - 36 months)

The Sparkling Joy programme is designed to give your child the opportunities to use his sensory and motor skills to perform the important activities in life. At this stage, more activities are created to develop your child’s listening and understanding skills. Your child will be encouraged to play and enjoy learning through songs, dance, tele-matches, stories and more. He will also be exposed to a variety of literature and delightful poems that teaches wholesome life values.

Higher level balancing exercises are also introduced at this stage to prepare your child for future sports. To further develop your child’s tactile competence, he will be exposed to different methods to the creation of art through drawing, painting, crafts and printing – basically, anything that involves his sense of touch and cortical opposition skills. As your preschooler loves to explore and discover new things, he will experience science, nature, and geography through our child-friendly and safe experiments. Learning happens anywhere, anytime!

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