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Blooming Joy (Expectant parents to 3 months)

Parents know that the first months of life are vital to the well-being of their children. Although learning continues throughout life, there is a special window of opportunity for permanent brain growth and learning that occurs in the first year of life.

Blooming Joy programme is specially designed for expectant parents or parents with newborn.  Parents will be learning how to implement the sensory development programme, as well as how to develop the motor pathway of your infant, over 4 workshops.

You will be guided in creating a home environment that enhances and enriches brain development.  Parent will learn how to track the progress of their child, to determine the baby’s strengths, and to recognise where additional stimulation and opportunity are needed. Most importantly, parents learn how to design an effective and balanced daily programme for neurological growth.

Find out more at our “Nurturing A Brilliant Baby” Workshop. 

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The Glenn Doman Newborn Programme

The Glenn Doman Newborn Programme is designed to stimulate baby’s first 4 months of life.

When a baby is born, the baby is actually functionally blind.  Babies at best see outlines.  The Newborn Programme is designed to teach parents how to provide their babies the stimulation that is needed for the development of the visual pathway.

The programme comes with a full set of the Newborn materials and a reference book titled ‘How Smart Is Your Baby’, authored by Glenn Doman and Janet Doman.  The Newborn materials will stimulate the baby visually and his visual pathways to make him strong by showing outlines of objects.  The more your baby uses the visual function, the more his brain grows.

The newborn programme completes in 3 months. Thereafter, parents may choose to enrol into our QiiQ Programme to further develop and nurture your baby to achieve his full potential.