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How Our Programmes Help in the Brain Growth

To know how our programmes could benefit your child, you have to first understand what causes the brain to grow.

Your baby’s first three years of life experiences can dramatically shape and support his brain development into adulthood.  According to the findings of the Institutes, functions determine structure.

The child brain development is dependent on the functions the child performs and the brain grows according to the child’s encounters in every experience. Sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive opportunities shape the way the brain grows.

Growing the sensory pathway involves providing the child the appropriate amount of incoming information with auditory, visual and tactile stimuli.  This will in turn develop your child’s language skills to read and speak anything that you could teach to your child. The motor pathway can be developed by giving your child the opportunities to develop mobility and manual skills.

“The Brain Grows By Use.” ~ Glenn Doman

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