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Director’s Address

There is an increasing number of enrichment and tuition centres in Singapore. Many parents only come to realise that their child is not interested in reading nor any form of activity that requires the discipline to sit, think and analyse, when the child enters the kindergarten stage.

Enrolling the child into enrichment programmes to help him cope in his school academic curriculum may be a solution.  However, this is a reactive approach to inculcate the learning habit in a child.

I have benefited from adopting a structure programme which guided me to nurture my son in his first three years.  The Programme incorporates the holistic development of intellect, physical and social skills.  I realise I have become a “Fearless Parent” who does not have to worry about my son’s achievement of these potential.   Many of the parents who have been through our QiiQ Programme would agree with me.

One of the components of our QiiQ Programme is the Glenn Doman Suite.  It is important to note that the Glenn Doman principle is not about the flash cards.  It is about giving the young child intelligence.  Quoting from Glenn Doman, “A positive and certain way to make all of The Institutes staff members wince is for someone to refer to a splendidly conceived and constructed Programme as a “flash card”…  People do occasionally compare a GD card to a “flash card”.  This occurs because you present a card in less than a full second.  So do you with flash cards.  The similarity ends there…”

Most parents are not informed that they could pro-actively develop and nurture their children during their early development.  This is where my team and I are passionately sharing and coaching parents in the development of children from as young as newborn.

It is essential to stimulate the child’s interest to learn through reading, and to develop confidence in a child to acquire intellect and social skills.  Besides, children need to develop physical skills to enjoy future sports.  We adults just need to provide the environment and opportunities for our child to move in a fun and joyous manner.

Our motivation is to see our QiiQ parents and children enjoy their learning journey together.  And in the process, we see the children flourish in their growth in all aspects of an excellent human being.

Our vision is to enable parents to empower their children to be who they want to be!

Patricia Zoey Tan (Mrs)
Founder & Director