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About QiiQ

Our vision is to enable parents to empower their child for the future.

Our mission is to coach new parents during the early years in building a solid foundation for their child’s future education, physical strength and emotional intelligence.

A child who is given the right environment and opportunities to grow will achieve their full potential for life.  Parents who have successfully completed our QiiQ Programme will also find their child achieving early literacy with high problem-solving abilities.

“A child who seeks knowledge will grow in wisdom.” Patricia Zoey Tan, Founder & Director

It is our hope that parents will find their parenting journey a joyful one – an experience that is without stress – and be marveled each day as they see their child growing in physical strength, having a better brain in learning and a heart to empathise with others.

“The process of education begins at 6 years old.  The process of learning begins at birth.”  Glenn Doman

Programmes that we offer:

QiiQ Programme: GeniusiQ+MoveiQ

Allows parents who are committed to developing their child to be an excellent all-rounder in their own home environment. The Programme teaches parents how to develop the child through both the Sensory and Motor pathways, which are essential in the complete development of the child.

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MoveiQ GymnAdemics

Supplements the QiiQ Programme. This is a parent-accompanied programme which encourages parents to participate in fun-filled bonding activities with their child. Parents are also required to continue practicing everything that they learn to engage the child at home. Children simply have fun at MoveiQ!

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A fully equipped, safe and nurturing environment that provides an engaging and enriching programme which excites your toddler each time he visits. Our experienced and loving Coaches will ensure that each and every child ends the day with a big smile on his face. This is a 3-hour drop-off playgroup where parents can take time off to do their errands while we mind your child.

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