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QiiQ is an established and respected early human development centre in Singapore. “Qi” is hanyu pinyin of the Chinese character 奇, meaning genius. At QiiQ, we believe that every child born has the “Genius iQ” to learn anything, and that is what we are called.

All children love to learn. The younger a child is, the easier it is for the child to learn.  Our goal is to work closely with parents to develop and nurture their child to achieve intellectual, physical and social excellence.  And most importantly, their child will find joy in learning and moving!

We are the official representative of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Philadelphia, which was founded by Glenn Doman, a pioneer in early child brain development.  “You can teach your tiny child absolutely anything that you can present to him in an honest, factual and joyous way.” Glenn Doman

Our tested and proven methods in early brain development has gained the approval of many parents in building the foundation for their children to succeed in life.

Our Vision… To Enable Parents to Empower Their Child For the Future

“QiiQ Programme has definitely given the best foundation for my son…We just found the perfect place for us to grow and learn together!”

Excerpt from Pearleen Lui, mother of Aldrick, 15 months

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QiiQ: GeniusiQ & MoveiQ

QiiQ: GeniusiQ+MoveiQ

Equips parents who are committed to developing and nurturing their child early to achieve his full potential.


MoveiQ Centre

Provides a fully equipped, safe and nurturing environment at our Centre, with our experienced and loving Coaches.

Blooming Joy

Blooming Joy

Parents know that the first months of life are vital to the well-being of their children.



“Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential” Workshop